Episode 9: Joey Riot

All the hard beats you need to get you through a weekend of raving! Kutski lays down the hard dance and hardstyle, while guest Joey Riot pumps the tempo with some hardcore beats!!

Tracklisting - Episode 9: Joey Riot

Antolini & Montorsi - Belive (Hard Progressive Mix) [Hard Progress]

Subkilla - KRK [Subground]BK - Join The Club [CDR]
Isaac - The Sound Of The Underground (Da Tweekaz Remix) [DWX]
Dr Rude - Computer Music [CDR]
Scope DJ & DJ Coone - Free Again [Scantraxx]

Knife Party - Bonfire [Big Beat]

Sample Mania
Spacecube - Sessions
DJ Sim & DJ Weirdo - Go Get Busy (Accelerator Remix) [Derailed]

Joey Riot Guest Mix
I wanna get filthy – Joey Riot vs Boyle [Lethal Theory]
Mambo – Sy & Unknown vs Joey Riot [Lethal Theory]
Do you remember – Hyperforce vs Newbie (Joey Riot vs Tom Revolution remix) [Lethal Theory]
Fkin Woo – Joey Riot vs Dazza & Echo [Lethal Theory]
Hypnotise me - Josef [Lethal Theory]
Eh Oh Eh – Joey Riot vs Sunny & Ad-brasion [Lethal Theory]
Filth – Joey Riot vs Shax featuring RaverQueen [Lethal Theory]
Taken from me – Destructive Tendencies [Lethal Theory]
Instigator – Joey Riot vs Jason McLean [Lethal Theory]

Final Vinyl
Ellis Dee - Lockdown [Collusion]