Episode 363: Live at Hardclassics

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On this week's show we roll back the clock with a recording from Kutski’s set at Hardclassics in Amsterdam last month, representing the harder styles he was playing from 2000-2006. Classic hard dance, hard trance and early hardstyle in a 1 hour live mix!!

Tracklist - Episode 363: Live at Hardclassics


Derb - Attack
Thomas Rubin - Cold Night
Meteor 7 - Universal Music (Scott Project Remix)
Derb - Follow Me In Africa (Kutski Mashup)
Yoji Biomehanika - Ding A Ling (DJ Scot Project Remix)
Uberdruck - Turntable Junkie (Uberdruck mix)
DJ Shredder - Chainsaw (The Crow Remix)
Tricky Nation - Tricky Tricky (Alex Deluxe Remix)
Lowriders - Don't Get Back
Southstylerz - Jazeker! (Johnny Quail Mix)
Dj Duro - Just Begun
Zero Vision - Overdrive
DJ Shog - Another World (Voodoo & Serano Remix)
Pavo & Blutonium Boy - Floorkilla (Blutonium Boy & Neo Remix)
Zelecter - Dance on Disco Shit
A*S*Y*S - Acid Nightmare
Kai Tracid - Trance & Acid
Tatarola - Who Is Callingv
The Pitcher - Pump It Loud (Cenoginerz Mix)
Donkey Rollers - Motherfuck (DJ Zany Remix)
Zany - Pure
High Voltage - Bombs Away
Zany - Sky High (Technoboy Remix)
Pavo & Zany - Shutterspeed
Deepack - Here's Johnny

Michelle YorkKutski, KTRA