Episode 309: Avi8


This week we shine the light on some rising talent as Scottish euphoric hardstyle producer Avi8 delivers a 20 minute guest mix showing why he’s one to watch in 2018 and beyond! Kutski lays down the freshest new cuts across the 360 degrees of the harder styles with all your favourite show features!!!

Tracklist - Episode 309: Avi8

Jordan Suckley & Kutski - Surveillance (2nd Phase Remix)

Mix Factory - Take Me Away (Kutski & Fracture Remix)
Mass Hysteria
Dr Phunk - The Next Level
Demi Kanon - Closer
Code Black - No Reality

Does it Sound Good At 170?
DJ Isaac - The Sound Of The Underground

The Hardest Record In The World
DJ Smurf & Loftgroover - SmurfGroover Vol 1

Dougal, Kutski & Joey Riot - I Can't Forget You
Scott Brown V Ganah - Do It Like This

Sample Mania
Kool Chip Chuck Chillout - Rhythm Is The Master
Brisk & Trixxy - Goodbye Summertime (Brisk & M-Project Remix)

Avi8 Guest Mix
Avi8 - Alone
Avi8 - Carry Me
Avi8 - My Direction
Avi8 - Escape
DJ Snake - Move Your Feet (Avi8 Edit)
Styles & Breeze - Your'e Shining (Avi8 Remix)
Avi8 - On My Mind
Avi8 - Come Back
DJ Snake - Ocho Cinco (Junkie Kid Remix) (Avi8 Edit)

Final Vinyl
Slutski & Al Porn - Time 2 Move (Kutski Intro Mix)

Michelle YorkKutski, KTRA