Episode 306: Unresolved


Here’s your weekly fix of the harder styles. Kutski reps the usual 360 degrees of hard beats and Ukrainian rawstyle warrior Unresolved passes through for a powerful guest mix of ear blistering kicks!!!

Tracklist - Episode 306: Unresolved

Jambalaya Bros - Babajaga

Mark With a K - Mass Hysteria
Pat B - Darth Raver
Dany BPM - A million dreams (Remix)
Stephanie - Razor Sharp
Royal S - Osiris
Faizar & J. Lynn - Going My Way

Does It Sound Good At 170?
Scope DJ - Househeads

The Hardest Record In The World
Ignite - The New Shit

Liars Thieving - Take Hold

Sample Mania
Laura Branigan - Self Control
JamX DeLeon - Can You Dig It

Unresolved Guest Mix
Frontliner - Extreme Loudnezz (Unresolved 2k18 Edit)
Alpha≤ & Unresolved - Living It Up
Unresolved - Diablo
Unresolved - Unbreakable
Unresolved - Act of God
Unresolved - Speakers
Unresolved & Malice - Bring The Panic!

Final Vinyl
Renegade - Terrorist

Michelle YorkKutski, KTRA