Episode 236: S3RL


On this weeks KTRA show, along with all the usual Kutski madness we invite back a DJ who’s previous guest mix on the show attracted the most amount of listens on any show to date! So it’s a great honour for us to invite back the happy hardcore sensation DJ S3RL!!!

Tracklist - Episode 236: S3RL

Jet Fire X Lost Stories X Carta - India

Potato - Turn It Up
Dany BPM - In Da Houze
Cyber & Phrantic - Look For The Light
Dr Phunk Feat. Alee - My World
MYST - Man Bear Pig

Does It Sound Good At 170?
Stonebank Feat. Emel - Moving On

The Hardest Record In The World
Jebrier Feat. Shepherd, Skinto & Jayh - Banaan (Re-Style Remix)

Dirtcaps - Killa Them
The Sickest Squad Feat. MC Braincase - Bang The Dancefloor
Praga Khan Feat. Jade 4U - Injected With A Poison

Sample Mania
Queen - Sail Away Sister
DJ Outblast - Eargazm

S3RL Guest Mix
S3RL - Pika Girl S3RL [Addict]
S3RL - Dealer
S3RL Feat. Tamika - Rainbow Girl
S3RL Feat. Tamika - Bass Slut
S3RL Feat. Sara - Feel The Melody
S3RL Feat. Mixie Moon - Friendzoned
S3RL Feat. Yuki - Princess Bubblegum
S3RL Feat. Krystal - Flame Princess
S3RL Feat. Sara - Marceline The Vampire Queen
Technikore & Zander - My Territory 2016
S3RL Feat. MC Offside - Go Insane (Toy Soldier Remix)
S3RL Feat. Sara - Trillium
Outforce & Hartshorn Feat. Riddle - Keep It Mello
S3RL - Hentai
S3RL - Catchit (Sash Dee Remix)
IYF & Nobody Feat. Blue Eyes - Superhero (S3RL Remix)

Final Vinyl
Critical Mass - Dancing Together

Michelle YorkKutski, KTRA