Episode 166: Akira


This week on KTRA we push the BPM’s to the limit with possibly the most extreme guest mix to date as we invite HKV’s Akira in to deliver the his terrifying sound! Fear not however, as Kutski eases you in gently with all the hottest hits from the wider spectrum of underground hard dance music!

Tracklist - Episode 166: Akira

Argy - 64GB RAM

Geck-o - Respect Mah Clap
A-Lusion - Serenity Of Night
Wildstylez - Roots
Rebourne - Scr34m

Does It Sound Good At 170?
Kutski & Audiofreq Feat. Jenna Lee - Forgiven

The Hardest Record In The World
Titan & Warface - Sentinel

Boaz Van De Beatz - 99 Lights

Sample Mania
Super Beagle - Dust A Soundboy
Adaro - Raggamuffin

Akira Guest Mix
Ambassador 21 - Fuck All Systems (Fuck Everything Remix By The DJ Producer
Hellfish - The Beast Incarnate
Hellfish - Betrayer Of Worlds
Detest - The Big Exit
Axe Gabba Murda Mob - Bruk Up
Tripped & Khaoz Engine - Het Wilde Westen
DJ Narotic vs Lenny Dee - Ring Around The Pit (Brooklyn Bronx Mix)
Fiend - 4 Channels
Angerfist - Messing With The Wrong Man
Hellfish - Divine Bomb
Igor - Gangbang
The Speed Freak - Maximum Frequencies
Detest - Fuck That
Fiend - Pinch Point
Igneon System - The Roughest (The DJ Producer Remix)
Akira - Xtrm Is What We Are (Swearword VIP)
Hellfish - Boost The Dose
DJ Skull Vomit - Antigoon (Stazma Illegaly Violent Remix')

Final Vinyl
DJ Shog - Another World (Voodoo & Serano Remix)