Episode 162: Geck-o


The full spectrum of the harder styles are on show including in the guest mix this week as one of the more diverse acts on the scene Geck-o joins Kutski for a mix filled of techno fuelled hard goodness! Kutski lays down the latest beats from the harder scenes including a brand new Headhunterz and an ear blistering 260bpm hardest record from DJ Smurf!!! Certainly something for everyone!

Tracklist - Episode 162: Geck-o

Headhunterz & Crystal Lake - Live Your Life

Pulsatorz - Chords
Hard Driver - Echoes
Tatanka - Dis-Co-Tek
Ruthless & Dave S - My Little Drummachine

Does It Sound Good At 170?
Technoboy - Catfight

The Hardest Record In The World
DJ Smurf - Hello

T2Kazuya - Quiescence
Darren Styles & Chris Unknown - Down Like That

Sample Mania
Ice T - Ya Don't Quit
Hellfish - U Don't Quit

Geck-o Guest Mix
Radical Rob - Monkey Wah
Hoshina Anniversary - Purple Child
Geck-o - The Funky Cat
SCNTST - Murder (Geck-o Edit)
Geck-o - Front Row Workout
Geck-o & Bold Action - No Animals Were Harmed
Geck-o - Big Brother
Jillionaire & Salvatore Ganacci - Fresh (My Nu Leng Remix)
Geck-o - Craving
Alphaverb - Houserockerz
Geck-o - Respect Mah Clap
Geck-o - Turn Di Bass Up

Final Vinyl
Clipz - Download