Episode 159: Dougal


Buckle up for another hectic 60 minutes of intense hard beats on this weeks KTRA!! We have Italian hardstyle supremo Tuneboy in on this weeks Sample Mania, we re-pitch a hardstyle remix of a house track to see if it sounds good at ‘170’, new hardcore talent is showcased on the Hardest Record, and UK hardcore legend DJ Dougal passes through the studio to deliver a timeless mix spanning his 25 year career!!

Tracklist - Episode 159: Dougal

Alvita - Paradoxx

LNY TNZ - Bass
Dr Rude - Freak (Phrantic Remix)
Waverider - Skyscraper
Outbreak - It's On

Does It Sound Good At 170?
DVBBS & Borgeous - Tsunami (Jay Cosmic Remix)

The Hardest Record In The World
Lady Dammage - Confession

Kanye West - All Day (Gammer Edit)

Sample Mania
Sagat - Funk Dat
Tuneboy - Money Talks Bullshit Walks

Dougal Guest Mix
Dougal - Life Is Like A Dance.
Dougal And Vibes - Feel Free
Dougal And Eruption - Party Time
Dougal And Seduction - It's Not Over
Dougal And Micky Skeedale - Recreate Creation
Dougal And Micky Skeedale - Goto Go
Doctor Who - Love Of My Life
Dougal And Gammer - Fires In The Sky
Dougal And Darren Styles - Still The One
Dougal And Gammer - All The Tears
Dougal, Gammer & Micky Skeedale - Through The Darkness
Dougal And Gammer - Make It If We Try

Final Vinyl
Critical Mass - Dancing Together

Michelle YorkKutski, KTRA