Episode 154: Altern 8


On this week's KTRA we go back to our roots with an oldskool guest mix from one of the pioneers and originators of rave music, the original dust masked warriors Altern 8!!!! Kutski balances the nostalgia with cutting edge hard dance, hardstyle and hardcore, brutal beats on the ‘Hardest Record’ feature, and an eye opening ‘Sample Mania!!'

Tracklist - Episode 154: Altern 8

Organ Donors vs Montorsi And Antolini - 20,000 Hardcore Members

Dr Rude - Vikings Say Booyah
DJ Mystery - The System Sucks
D-Block & S-te-Fan And Rebourne - Louder
Hard Driver - Front Row
Atmozfears - Singularity

The Hardest Record In The World
Art Of Fighters & Meccano Twins - Hear Me Coming

Darren Styles - It's Like That

Sample Mania
Happy Clappers - I Believe
Technoboy - Reflex

Altern 8 Guest Mix
Altern 8 - E-Vapor-8 (Inciner-8 Mix)
DJ Nex - Respect Is Due
SL2 - DJs Take Control
Glide - Alright (All Night Mix)
DJ DMS - Exterminate (Day Of The Hardcore)
Outlander - The Vamp
The House Crew - We Are Hardcore
Cloud 9 - You Got Me Burnin'
Johnny L - Hurt You So
Altern 8 - Frequency
Foul Play - Dubbing You

Final Vinyl
Dyewitness - Master Plan

Michelle YorkKutski, KTRA